Things To Consider When Choosing Bridesmaid Robes

The wedding is without a doubt, one of the most important days of your life and it’s one that most individuals will plan for months or even years in advance. Each and every detail goes into the planning from the music that will play at the reception to the flowers that the bride will carry. A wedding is an occasion that is truly special and everything needs to be as perfect as possible. That’s why it is imperative to consider everything, including the bridesmaid robes.

Now, bridesmaid robes are not just a practical way to protect clothes, make-up and hair at the bridal party, but they can look really great in photos. They can ideally be an excellent memento or thank you gift for your family and closest friends. As such, you need to put thought into it when it comes to choosing wedding robes. Here are some of the important things to consider.

The Style

There are numerous options out there for bridesmaid robes like lace robes, monogrammed robes, floral robes and even satin types. You should think about the color scheme, what fits best with your wedding theme as well as your wedding morning photos. If you are considering a monogrammed design, what’s it going to look like and what message will it pass? It’s always advisable to pick a subtle classic design so that your bridal party will not feel silly, but it all depends on your taste.

Ideally think about the hair color and skin tones of the bridesmaids, the season as well as how the robes will appear in photos. Will you alternate or will they all have the same color? You can pick one color form the maid of honor and a different one for the bridesmaids.


People have different shapes and sizes and as we all know, the wedding day is usually a busy one, especially when getting ready. Balancing style with comfort is essential. Jersey lace robes, for example, are very soft, comfortable and easy to wear. If you have shorter or taller bridesmaids, ensure that theirs will fit them properly. If a robe is too short, it means that something has to be worn underneath, and this will change the look of the photos.

Keep Your Wedding Budget In Mind

Depending on what you have arranged with your crew, you might be getting the robes as a gift to the bridesmaids. If that’s the case, then you will want to consider your wedding budget because if you have a huge bridal party, the costs can really add up. If your bridesmaids are getting their own robes, keep in mind that the average cost is usually $1200 so, ensure you get their opinion as well.

The Turnaround and Delivery Time

You should never wait until the last minute to order your bridesmaid robes. It is always best to check the turnaround time and order at least 8 weeks in advance, especially when getting monogrammed or custom robes. You want everything to go according to plan and so, this equally an important factor as everything else we have mentioned above.